Services for children

Family Service

A Family Service is usually held on the first Sunday of the month except in March (when it takes place on Mothering Sunday). The singing is led by The Choristers (except in January, August and September), the sermon is aimed at young people (often illustrated with cartoons by Sarah Lenton – above), and the lessons and prayers are read by children.

On these Sundays, there is no Children’s Church, although crèche facilities are available in the Parish Hall, and there are books for children at the back of the Church.


The Children’s Crèche is set up in the Gabriel Room in the Parish Hall for very young children, aged up to 4. An art activity related to a Bible Story will have been prepared, and they will have a quiet time for prayers, ending with a snack before they are collected by their parents to go into Church for a blessing. See pictures here. For further information on the creche contact our Creche Co-ordinator, via the Parish Office.

Children’s Church

On other Sundays, children over the age of five process out of church during the first hymn. They have a short service of worship in the chapel and then move to the Parish Hall where they hear the Gospel of the day and then explore its meaning through games or artistic activities. At the end of the session, the leaders bring them back into Church to receive a blessing. Sometimes they give a presentation to the grown-ups. (Parents are most welcome to join us if their child is shy or anxious; returning to the service when the child is happily settled.)
Contact: Christina Whiteway via the Parish Office.

Youth Group

Our SMAAA Youth Group aims to challenge and engage our older children (post-confirmation/primary school leavers +) with projects such as designing and creating an Easter Garden in the church grounds. We shall be giving our Youth Group stand-alone projects and topics to discuss and implement, hoping to encourage questions and debate about their faith and the world around them. If you’d like to join, or learn more, please contact Fr Edward or Christina Whiteway in church or via the Parish Office.