Planned Giving

During Lent, we are holding a Planned Giving appeal, hoping that more parishioners will commit to regular giving to ensure that we can cover all the regular costs of our clergy and church. Regular giving also helps our PCC to budget effectively and keep track of our money.
Standing order forms are normally available at the back of the Church.
But our preferred way of giving is now the Parish Giving Scheme, a service established by the Church of England.
It is a direct debit scheme which also claims and credits gift aid for us. As such it greatly reduces our administrative burden.
It also offers the option – without any obligation – of an inflation-related annual increase.
If you are already paying by standing order, we hope you will switch to the Parish Giving Scheme.
Forms and guidance are available at the back of the Church and in the Parish Office and there is more information here.
And if you have any queries, do please ask the Treasurer, Alyson Mitchell –