Coping with COVID-19

Above: Palm Sunday procession, 2019, by Jim Cox see more photos here

Catch up with our Palm Sunday 10am Mass from home, and help us to help those in need.

At St Michael & All Angels, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, public worship and events have been suspended; our Noon Mass is being live-streamed each day; the church is no longer open for private prayer; we have started a podcast, are trying to help charities and local people (within the limitations), and are providing activities for children at home.
Our Parish Office is closed but you can still contact our Parish Managers, Anna Benson and Claire Barrell, via phone and email: 020 8994 1380 or
Updated: 05.04.20

Where to get help: St Michael & All Angels, from The Chiswick Calendar (and see more below)

1. Please read a Letter from Fr Kevin Morris for Palm Sunday & Holy Week

“It is often said that you don’t know the value of something until you miss it. There will be many things that each of us miss doing and hopefully will value all the more when they are returned to us.” Read more, and our latest events Newsletter, with details of our Holy Week worship

Get in touch
If you have self-isolated and/or you need any pastoral or other support, please get in touch with us via the Parish Office: 020 8994 1380 or It is important to have a robust pastoral strategy at this time: not just the clergy, but all the congregation, engaged in actively phoning – or contacting in other ways – vulnerable members of the congregation and others, to keep in touch and to offer practical help if need be.

2.  Catch up with our Palm Sunday 10am Mass on St Michael & All Angels’ Facebook page

The Mass is streamed live on Facebook. Please note: you should not have to join Facebook to watch it if you don’t want to! Simply click this link or paste it into your browser If you have difficulties in joining the service, feel free to email for help!

You can watch recordings of all our streamed services on the Catch Up: Videos page.

3.  Listen to our Podcasts – words and music

You can listen to all our podcasts (and see full details and how they are created) on the Catch Up: Podcasts page.
The Palm Sunday one is also linked here
Organ recital by Jonathan Dods from our archive

4.  Listen to Mindfulness Podcasts from St Peter’s Centre for Mindfulness

During the closure of the centre, we will be uploading Podcasts here to help you with Mindfulness meditation at home. This is the direct link to the podcasts.
We hope you find these useful and if you do we would like to request a small donation towards keeping the centre going at this time. Please click the donation link here.

5. Sunday worship and activities for children at home

Palm Sunday: ‘Jesus enters Jerusalem’ – on our Children’s Church pages
‘Jesus and Lazarus’ and rock cakes activity – for Passion Sunday – on our Children’s Church pages.
‘Jesus heals a blind man’ and Mothering Sunday card on our Children’s Church pages.

6. In the absence of our usual Lent worship, read our study book – The Lent Factor.

Its author, the former Bishop of Norwich, Graham James, was trained by Father Kevin. Because the church is now closed, you can no longer pick up a copy there. But you may still be able to buy a copy online: read more about the book on our Lent at St Michael’s page.

7. Donating to St Michael’s and our charities

With no Sunday collection in church, please contribute to the work of St Michael’s via our website. You can donate here, and we encourage you to add Gift Aid if you are able. During Lent, we are inviting people to join our Planned Giving scheme; it allows us to budget effectively and reduces administrative costs. Read more about Planned Giving.

With no Green Jar in church, you may also donate online to our Lent Charities Appeal, in aid of St Michael’s three charities for 2020, The Upper Room, WaterHarvest and West London Welcome. Please click on the links to see what they are saying about the current crisis. You can donate to them via our Virgin Money Giving page.

8. Helping the vulnerable and those in need

If you have self-isolated and/or you need any pastoral or other support, please get in touch with us via the Parish Office: 020 8994 1380 or Fr Thomas is co-ordinating volunteers to help vulnerable people with food deliveries, picking up prescriptions and so on.
Our congregation are also phoning people for a chat and to see that they are ok!
More volunteers would be welcome – please contact the parish office. We shall update the information here.

Where to get help: St Michael & All Angels, from The Chiswick Calendar
roads locally now have a WhatsApp group to help their neighbours.
See the latest list of 36 roads and contacts (April 2nd 2020) here, on the Chiswick COVID-19 Mutual Aid group Facebook page.

Other useful links: 
Ealing Council: Ealing Together
Hounslow Council: Community Support Hub

**Ealing Foodbank’s office is now closed and we can no longer take donations – but they can received them on Wednesdays in Hanwell. See details on the Ealing Foodbank website, including its April shopping list.

9. Keeping occupied and cheerful

With our colleagues at the Chiswick Book Festival, we hope its latest Newsletter will give you entertaining and informative links for you and your children.
It includes news of two poetry competitions for young people. Click here to read it.

J K Rowling has opened up a new area on with loads of Harry Potter at home activities.
And Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been added to the Audible collection of free audiobooks.

For updates, watch this page and our regular Newsletters; the St Peter’s Acton Green website; and our Facebook and Twitter pages.
The Chiswick Calendar Newsletter is now focussing on what’s happening in  the crisis and how you can help in Chiswick.