Brainteasers by P Singh

One of our Newsletter readers, P Singh, has sent in these coronavirus brainteasers.
He writes:

Firstly, I’ve attached a crossword puzzle on coronavirus that your readers might welcome:
Secondly,  Professor John Jerrim of UCL said: “… England is facing a crisis in terms of adults’ financial literacy skills. We all need to be able to conduct basic financial calculations in order to make rational well-informed decisions.”
I’ve attached some questions on everyday maths that your readers might be interested in:
a) because they want to test their knowledge of maths in everyday situations.
b) because they want to see where they need to improve their maths skills.
If readers want to have their questions marked or they have queries about the questions, they may email me (I’ve placed it in the footer of the questions document).

1. Crossword

Crossword – smaaa-blank – download here

Crossword smaaa-answers – download answers here


2. Maths questions

Maths questions-smaaa – download here (example below)