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Public worship to resume from Sunday 5th July

On the 5th July Mass resumed at St Michael & All Angels, and St Peter’s Acton Green.
There are now three Masses on Sundays and one each day from Monday to Saturday, which will be operating until further notice.
No other services will be available, and we are unable to offer Evensong at this time.

Mass are available at St Michael’s:
at 9.30am & 11am on Sunday,
at 12 Noon on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
And at St Peter’s, Acton Green:
10am Sunday, and 12 Noon on Tuesday and Friday.

For the time being, we are still live-streaming Mass daily, at 12 Noon from Monday to Saturday, from St Michael & All Angels or  St Peter’s Acton Green.
Access to the live stream is via the SMAAA Facebook.
On Sundays, the Live streaming will be at 9.30am (note time), via the SMAAA Facebook link above.


Mass takes place in a similar format to the current live-streamed Masses.
We can only allow 80 people into Church for Mass, so please be patient and bear with us.
If we reach this number we will be unable to accept further members of the congregation to that service, so you may wish to arrive early.
Social Distancing will be in place within Church with anti-COVID measures in place for everyone’s safety (see Notes below).

Notes on social distancing in services at St Michael & All Angels
– 1. There will be no hymn books, service books or papers – and no coffee, crèche or children’s Church.
The readings are all being done by the clergy. The door to the Gabriel Room will be kept open.
– 2. You do not have to wear a mask but please do so if you are more comfortable with one.
Please use hand sanitiser on arrival, as directed by the sidespeople.
– 3. For track and trace, we will record attendees’ names in a book which will eventually be destroyed.
– 4. The maximum congregation is 80, excluding clergy and sidespeople.
After 80, people regretfully have to be turned away. (On July 5th we had 54 at the 9.30 service and 32 at the 11am).
– 5. The pews are arranged for social distancing. You can have a household in a pew and, if only 2 people, a single person at the other end. If both single individuals, one at either end. There are no kneelers and we will not be putting out the tapestry kneelers.
– 6. There will be two clergy dispensing communion at the front (without wine).
Please follow the directions of the sidespeople and wait in your pew until invited to take communion.
– 7. There will be no collection in the service but there will be a plate at the back.
The contactless box is being temperamental at the moment.
– 8. After the service, please continue to maintain social distancing and do not linger unduly!