Chiswick Churches for Justice & Peace

Chiswick Churches for Justice and Peace (CCJP) is a group that represents a number of local parishes from different Christian denominations with the objectives of raising local awareness of – and contributing positively to – issues such as trade justice and poverty in the world.  It organises programmes of talks, fundraising events and fair trade activities to support its objectives and is a registered member of the “MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY” campaign.

peace-in-war1Since 2014, CCJP has been reflecting on the centenary of World War 1 with a series of annual events called Peace in War.

This year’s event, marking the end of WW1 in 1918, was entitled “Justice in Peace – Forgiveness… Seeking reconciliation after conflict and genocide”. It took place on Tuesday October 16th at Christ Church, Turnham Green, W4 5DT and was introduced by Simon Rodway of CCJP.

The speakers were Dr Harry Hagopian, KSL, London-based international lawyer, political advisor and ecumenical consultant on the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf regions, and Father Laurence Freeman, OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation. There were also poetry readings, a short harp recital, a short mediation, a panel discussion and questions from the floor. The evening was chaired for the third successive year by Chiswick resident, Torin Douglas, formerly BBC media correspondent, and local MP Ruth Cadbury spoke just before the event’s close.

More on past CCJP ‘Peace in War’ events:

2017 – Hope for Peace in an Insecure World
2016 – Conscience and Choices
2015 – Organ recital in aid of Iraqi Christians in Need (ICIN)
2014 – New understanding of peace awakened in meditation
See a video of the 2016 event and interviews with Chiswickbuzz here.

Parishes currently represented in the CCJP initiative are:

Representatives from other parishes or faiths in Chiswick are very welcome to join. Please contact: Simon Rodway (020 8994 7461) or Hugh Caldin (020 8994 6368) for more information.