1914-18 The Fallen – Road by Road

St Michael & All Angels Church lies at the heart of Bedford Park in Chiswick, a residential area developed between 1875 and 1886 and acclaimed as the world’s first “garden suburb”. In and around the church there are several memorials with the names of 128 men and women that died in the war and were somehow connected to the church and/or the local area. Little was previously known about who these people were or how they lived, served or died, but over the past four years we have unearthed many details, including addresses they were associated with.
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Archivist Dr David Beresford writes: “The Fallen on these lists are associated with families that lived in Bedford Park and/or  Chiswick, but not all lived here. In many cases I have found no evidence that the Fallen themselves actually resided here.  I don’t think those who compiled the local lists at the end of the war did anything to verify the names of those who submitted them. It just emphasises the need by bereaved families to see local recognition of their loss.”

David Beresford wrote to all those living at these addresses in Bedford Park, inviting them to place a bunch of poppies on their door or gate.
Right: A wreath in Addison Grove in memory of Captain Cyril Stafford Hazeon.
Left: The vicar’s children made bunches in memory of Second Lieutenant Laurence Trench WILSON and Captain Charles Edgar Andrew WILSON, sons of the first vicar of St Michael & All Angels, who both died in the war.
Middle: There was a soldier silhouette at Bedford House, The Avenue, in memory of Lieutenant Colonel George Koberwein FULTON.









Private Frank ADAMS 21 Flanders Mansions
Second Lieutenant Dudley Cecil ALDIN 46 Flanders Rd 1895-99; 41 Priory Rd (now 47 Priory Avenue) 1899-1904  
Private Robert ASHLEY 4 Chapel Place
Private Andrew Partridge ATKINSON 16 Holly Road
Private William ATKINSON 16 Holly Road
Second Lieutenant Cyril Frederick AUSTIN 48 Woodstock Road
Corporal Bernard Whittenbury BARKER 13 Merton Avenue
Private Robert Alfred BARKER 9 Bond Street
Trooper Thomas George BAVIN 8 St Alban’s Avenue
Second Lieutenant William Henry Hugh BOND 14 Queen Anne’s Gardens
Second Lieutenant Rowland Hurst BOURNE 26 Bath Road
BROOKS CE 30 Queen Anne’s Grove
Private Charles William CARDER 42 Bridgman Road
Private Cecil George CASTLE
Sub Lieutenant Cecil Alexander CLERK
Second Lieutenant Maurice Richard CLIFT 9 Queen Anne’s Grove
Private Joseph CLITHEROE 37 Chiswick Common Road
Second Lieutenant Alfred Henry COATSWORTH 29 Bath Road
Private William Alfred COLLETT 3 Bond Street
Second Lieutenant Hubert Charles DeZoete COLLIER 25 Woodstock Road
Second Lieutenant Lionel Drummond Kyrle COLLINS 9 Esmond Road
Private John Lawrie CRAIG 3 Turnham Green Terrace
Lance Serjeant George Edward CRIPPS 16 British Grove, Chiswick
Gunner Benjamin Alfred CROOKENDEN 30 Whellock Road (wife’s family home)
Officer’s Steward 2nd Class John DAVIES 73 Windmill Road
Captain Oswald Sydney ROYAL-DAWSON
Captain George Arthur Murray DOCKER 36 Woodstock Road
Captain William Oliphant DOWN MC
Private William DOWSETT 68 Dale Street
Private Leonard George DUNCKLEY 15 Linden Gardens
Private Brian Stewart FLOOD 19 Harvard Road
Second Lieutenant Arthur Edward BIRKET FOSTER 14 Woodstock Road
Lieutenant Colonel George Koberwein FULTON Bedford House (father’s and grandmother’s home); 5 Addison Road (uncle and cousin – Jonathan Carr)
Second Lieutenant Richard Sumner GAMBLE 16 Queen Anne’s Gardens
Private Thomas Hemming GEORGE 15 Berrymead Road
Corporal Conrad Michael GIBSON, formerly named Schneider and Taylor  53 Woodstock Road
Corporal Arthur Rowlett GILL 54 Bath Road
Private Stanley Leonard GOLDSMITH 208 Chiswick High Road
Lance Corporal Alfred GOULD 59 Windmill Road
Able Seaman George GOULD 59 Windmill Road
Private Jack (John) Henry GOULD 59 Windmill Road
Second Lieutenant Lancelot John GOWAR 30 Fairlawn Grove
Lieutenant John Henry GRAYSON 28 Queen Anne’s Gardens
Private Reuben John GREGORY 408 Chiswick High Road
Corporal George Arthur GRUBB 4 Barnsbury Terrace
Corporal Edwin Felix HAINES           132 Rusthall Avenue
Corporal George Frederick HALL            40 Duke Street
Lance Corporal Henry George HALL         40 Duke Street
Private John George HAMMOND 35 Reckitt Road
Rifleman Hubert HAWARD 2 Woodstock Road
Lieutenant Robert William HAYBITTLE 56 Turnham Green Terrace
Captain Cyril Stafford HAZEON 4 Addison Grove
Private Samuel William HEATH 63 Windmill Road
Private Thomas Edward HEATH 63 Windmill Road
Second Lieutenant Archibald Clare HOLLAND 6 Queen Anne’s Gardens
HOLLAND HM  6 Queen Anne’s Gardens
Second Lieutenant Kenneth Reginald Flint KEMP 18 Woodstock Road
Private Alfred Lewis KING 12 Chapel Close, Chiswick Back Common
Private Alfred KINGSTON      7 Hogarth Lane
Private Francis Benjamin KINGSTON 7 Hogarth Lane
KISTLER F 23 Cleveland Avenue
Captain Archibald William Greenwell LAX 39 Priory Avenue; 28 Queen Anne’s Grove
Pte Sidney Lionel LEEDER 2 Merton Avenue
Lieutenant Norman James Richard LITTLE 6 Queen Anne’s Grove
Mrs. Violet Beatrix Alice Lambton LONG 4 Abinger Road
Lieutenant Harold George Fairfax LONGHURST
Second Lieutenant Norman McGregor LOWE DCM 17 Priory Avenue
Lieutenant Lionel Francis Derek LUTYENS 4A Queen Anne’s Gardens
Captain Maxwell MALLALUE MC 7 Esmond Road
Private George William MAUNDER 33 Reckitt Road
Captain Clive Guise MOORES 22 Woodstock Road
Private Frank William MURLIS 68 Cranbrook Road
Major Fountain Okey Colbourne NASH 36 The Avenue
Air Mechanic 3rd Class Lyonel Clare Fyans NEILL 14 Flanders Mansions
Second Lieutenant Francis Reginald Hayes NEWINGTON 8 Woodstock Road
Second Lieutenant Arthur William Lennox NIXON 2 Fairlawn Court Mansions
Private Arthur Hill NORMAN 2 Evelyn Road
Second Lieutenant Walton Noel OLLIFF-LEE 23 Blenheim Road
Private Alfred Edward PAINES  38 Berrymead Road
Private Frank Martin PALLANT 3 The Avenue; later 49 Woodstock Road
Private George PAUL 21 Gainsborough Road; later 11 Bath Road
Private Harold Reginald Grahame Sherard PIFFARD 18 Addison Grove
Second Lieutenant Ivor POGOSE 68 Woodstock Road
Lieutenant Hubert Arnold POPE 72 Thornton Avenue
Lieutenant Albert Alexander ROBINSON 72 Wavendon Avenue; 37 Esmond Gardens, South Parade
Second Lieutenant Arthur Leslie ROW 1 Kings Road, Richmond
Private Norman Denys ROW 1 Kings Road, Richmond
Captain Harvey Wilfred Warwick ROWE 14 Rusthall Avenue
Private George Philip ROWLANDSON 22 Priory Avenue
Major John Bonwell SALE Denham Cottage, Vanbrugh Road
Private Charles William SCHWABEN 33 Fairfax Road
Private Henry Robert SCHWABEN 33 Fairfax Road
Second Lieutenant Arthur Hugo SMYTH   17 Homefield Road
Sergeant Thomas Arthur SQUIRE 35 Paddenswick Road
Private William Charles STEELE 24 Elliott Road
Commander Walter STERNDALE BENNETT DSO 3 Priory Avenue
Second Lieutenant Walter Sydney John STEVENS 28 Thornton Avenue
Second Lieutenant Carlos STEVENSON 52 Abinger Road
Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Bennock STRAHAN Oakhurst, Ravenscourt Square; 14 Woodstock Road (wife, formerly Foster)
Lance Corporal Harry Alexander Bertie William TAVERNER 3 Emlyn Villas, Stamford Brook; 29 The Avenue
Captain Charles Cecil Brooks WARD 30 Queen Anne’s Gardens; 58 Sutton Court Road
Second Lieutenant Cyril Francis WEBB 27 A Blenheim Road
Major Thomas Henderson WEIR 91 Rusthall Avenue
Captain Arthur Bryan WHITE 26 Queen Anne’s Gardens
Pte William John WHITTICK 10 Bond Street; formerly 6 Fishers Lane
Lance Corporal Robert Peter WHITTLE 21 Flanders Mansions
Captain Charles Edgar Andrew WILSON The Vicarage, Priory Gardens
Second Lieutenant Laurence Trench WILSON The Vicarage, Priory Gardens
WOODMAN NE 10 Speldhurst Road
Rifleman Joseph WOOLF 3 Fielding Road
Second Lieutenant Henry Edward WYATT 50 Esmond Road
Serjeant Richard Francis Charles YORKE 24 Woodstock Road; 9 Fairlawn Court
Rifleman Charles Henry YOUNG
60 – Bedford Park
60 – Chiswick and elsewhere