Diary of Church Festivals

Since March 2020, our services have been disrupted. Please see the Calendar of Services and Events for updated information.

Sunday 3 January 2021: Epiphany

10am: Family Eucharist

Sunday 31 January 2021: Candlemas

10am: Parish Mass

Please watch for updates to this year’s Church Festivals below, as information becomes available.
We have kept the 2020 information there for the time being.


Lent 2021
Lent at St Michael & All Angels

We mark Lent at St Michael & All Angels in a variety of ways:
through our services, our Lent study book (Thy Will Be Done by Stephen Cherry),
our Lent Charities Appeal, and study courses, online:
A River Through the Desert’ (on video, released each Sunday;
A Lenten Reflection through our Stained Glass Windows;
21 days Meditation Challenge; and
A Covenant with  God’ – reflections on the Old Testament lessons during Lent.

Wednesday 17 February 2021: Ash Wednesday

12.30pm Mass and Imposition of Ashes
Reflection on our Stained Glass Windows for Ash Wednesday

Sunday 21 February 2021: Lent 1

10am Parish Mass – also streamed for worship at home
Preacher: Fr Neil Evans
Study topic: ‘A River Through the Desert’ – Week 1

Sunday 28 February 2021: Lent 2

10am  Parish Mass – also streamed for worship at home
Preacher: Mthr Maggie Davidge-Smith
Study topic: ‘A River Through the Desert’ – Week 2

Sunday 7 March 2021: Lent 3

10am Parish Mass – also streamed for worship at home
Preacher: Fr Graham Morgan Kt
Study topic: ‘A River Through the Desert’ – Week 3

Sunday 9 March 2021:
Mothering Sunday, Lent 4

9.30am Family Mass – also streamed for worship at home
11am Parish Mass
Preacher: Fr Thomas Couper, curate
Study topic: ‘A River Through the Desert’- Week 4

Sunday 21 March 2021: Passion Sunday

10am Parish Mass – also streamed for worship at home
Preacher: Fr Kevin Morris, Vicar
Study topic: ‘A River Through the Desert’ – Week 5


Holy Week

Sunday 28 March 2021: Palm Sunday

9.30am and 11am Mass and Blessing of Palms

During the first part of the week, Fr Neil Evans will explore the meaning of the Passion of Christ.

Monday 29 March 2021: Holy Monday

12 Noon Mass & Address

Tuesday 30 March 2021: Holy Tuesday

12 Noon Mass & Address

Wednesday 31 March 2021: Holy Wednesday

12 Noon Mass & Address

Easter at St Michael & All Angels 

The Triduum – The Great Three Days

Led by Fr Thomas Couper, Assistant Priest

Thursday 1 April 2021: Maundy Thursday

10.30am Chrism Mass at St Paul’s Cathedral
7pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Stripping of the Altars

Friday 2 April 2021: Good Friday

12 noon Children’s Passion
2pm The Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion

Sunday 4 April 2021: Easter Day

6am Vigil and First Mass of Easter
9.30am: Family Mass of Easter
11am: Parish Mass of Easter


Sunday 26 April 2021

10am: Parish Mass
11.30am APCM – Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Thursday 13 May 2021: Ascension Day

10am Mass

Monday 17 May 2021

6pm Mass
6.30pm Election of Churchwardens and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

Sunday 23 May 2021: Pentecost

11am Parish Mass and Confirmation

Sunday 30 May 2021: Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

10am: Mass
6.30pm: Evensong

Thursday 3 June 2021: Corpus Christi

The Bedford Park Festival
Saturday 12 June – Sunday 27 June 2021

Sunday 27 June 2021: Festival Mass

Sunday 15 August 2021: Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The 13th Chiswick Book Festival
Thursday 9 September – Wednesday 15 September 2021

Sunday 26 September 2021: Patronal Festival

Wednesday 29 September 2021: Feast of Title

Sunday 3 October 2021: Harvest Thanksgiving

Sunday 19 October 2021: Charities Sunday

Sunday 31 October 2021: All Saints Day

Tuesday 2 November 2021: All Souls Day

Requiem Masses are offered in November for the departed.
Names to be commemorated at any of these services may be written on the lists at the back of the church.

Sunday 14 November 2021: Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 21 November 2021: Feast of Christ the King


Christmas at St Michael’s

Sunday 28 November 2021: Advent Sunday (the Church’s New Year)

Sunday 19 December 2021: Nine Lessons and Carols

Friday 24 December 2021: Christmas Eve

Saturday 25 December 2021: Christmas Day