1. Mothering Sunday: Worship and activities for children

Today’s Gospel: Jesus Heals a Blind Man, John 9 v 1-41

In this story from the Gospel of St John, Jesus was walking with his disciples when they passed by a blind man. When they saw him, the disciples asked Jesus who was to blame for the man’s blindness.

Was it because of his sin or was it because of his parent’s sins? Jesus answered them and told them that no one was to blame, he was blind so that God’s works could be shown in him. Then Jesus healed the man and the people praised and glorified God for his goodness.

Read the Gospel in full here:
Childrens Church Gospel for Sunday 22nd March

  1. Activity Sheet

Write a version of this story from the Gospel of St John from the perspective of one of the characters.

You could be the blind man and imagine what it was like being blind in those days and then what it felt like when Jesus healed you, and then how it felt to suddenly see. Or, you could imagine you were one of the disciples witnessing this miracle. Or perhaps you would like to imagine you are one of the Pharisees, mistrustful and afraid of this prophet performing miracles. You decide.

Good luck!

2. Colouring Page

Jesus Heals a Blind Man Colouring page

3. Crossword

Jesus Heals a Blind Man Crossword

4. Word Search

Jesus Heals A Blind Man Word Search

5. Colouring in and cutting out

Mothers Day Card Template