A Christmas message from the Vicar, Father Kevin Morris

In the uncertain and turbulent political climate of the 1st century, Jesus Christ is born in Bethlehem. At such a time in our own national life, Christians now seek to find the meaning of that story.

In the midst of choppy waters and strong winds of change, seasick sailors are advised to keep their eyes on the horizon. They must look beyond what is immediately in front of them. It is my hope and prayer that as we take a deeper look into the Christmas Gospel, we will find inspiration.

The Nativity story tells of the tenderness of human relationships, the compassion and generosity of ordinary people, the gift of life, and the transforming delight of God in His world. As Christ said, we must learn to love our neighbour. A healthy community life is built of small, daily acts of kindness and a striving for justice for those who are less fortunate.

It is also built on looking at the bigger picture, which puts the present time into perspective and gives hope and a dedication to a better future. May the birth of the Christ Child give us grace each day to love our neighbour, and to keep our eyes on the horizon of His loving.