Can you offer accommodation to Ghaleb, an asylum seeker?

John Clarke, chair of our Charities group writes:

If you were listening to BBC Radio 4 news on Thursday morning, you may have heard about a letter sent to the Home Secretary by leading health professionals, concerned about the conditions in which asylum seekers are being housed at Napier Barracks in Folkstone.

There is one young man living there called Ghaleb, whom I have got to know quite well. He is originally from Yemen and, since he arrived in the UK September, has been supported by West London Welcome, one of our St Michael’s Charities.

Suddenly, six weeks ago, he was taken from his accommodation in West London, where he had settled and was developing a support network, to these disused army barracks on the outskirts of Folkestone. I went to see him at the end of October and he was putting on a brave face, but clearly finding life difficult, sharing a dormitory with 13 other men and with no privacy, even to shower. There have been two suicide attempts at the barracks in the past week and he has now admitted that he can’t stand it any longer.

We are keen to get him back to London into an environment where he will feel safe and cared-for, until his asylum application has been processed. Might you or someone you know be able to offer him accommodation? He is a delightful young man in his late 20s, with good English and a nice sense of humour. I would be happy to provide some more details by email or phone: & 07960 961 401