Lent Appeal – Creating jobs for young people in Ghana

Christian Aid’s Community Partnership – Creating jobs for young people in Ghana

The SMAAA Lent Appeal this year will again support young people in Ghana, helping them gain employment opportunities – and particularly remembering those with disabilities and suffering from discrimination, where more than one fifth of the population in Ghana have disabilities.

You can now donate online here.

In Ghana, almost half of the young people are unemployed and, of those looking for jobs each year, only about 2% are employed in the formal sector.  The Christian Aid Project will be working with CA’s Community Partners in Ghana creating new enterprises – such as sustainable fish farms in the coastal areas – and enabling more young people to be trained in paid jobs.  And there is more to this project – with support for women in work, diversification in existing business, and starting-up new businesses including education in finance, marketing and understanding about taxes etc.

We have personal links with Ghana in our congregation and this particular project carries the prospect of matched funding 3:1 from EU. If we can raise £5,000, it will give £20,000 to the project in Ghana – but this is a challenge and we are doing it over two years!
Last year we raised £3095 (including Gift Aid) towards the total and we intend to meet the £5,000 target before the end of Lent 2019.

During Lent we are holding lunches to raise money for our Lent Appeal. We will also have our green Lent Jar for donations at the back of the Church – please use the special Gift Aid envelopes if you can.

Lent Lunches

You are warmly invited to join other members of the congregation for lunch on two Sundays during Lent in the homes of parishioners. There is no charge but donations are invited to our Lent Appeal. They start at 12.30pm and all the venues are close enough to be reached easily from St Michael’s.

– Sunday March 24th – hosted by Sally and Peter Haigh
– Sunday April 7th – hosted by Carol and Torin Douglas

Please sign the list at the back of the church if you would like to come.