Hymnathon 2017 – Hour by Hour, hymn numbers

Which hymns would you like to sing – and when are they on?

Find out when your favourite hymns will be sung by looking at our Hour by Hour guide below.
A fuller version, showing hymn first lines is here.       Hymnathon 2017.

Pop in for a few minutes or an hour or longer. Here are some we think will be popular:

022 Away in a Manger, 026 Hark, the Herald Angels Sing and other Christmas carols – Friday 1pm to 2pm
092 There is a Green Hill Far Away – Friday 5pm to 6pm
120 Thine Be The Glory – Friday 6pm to 7pm
197 For All The Saints – Friday 10pm to 11pm
239 Lord of All Hopefulness – Saturday 1am to 2am
264 All Things Bright and Beautiful – Saturday 2am to 3am
339 Be Thou My Vision – Saturday 6am to 7am
353 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind – Saturday 7am to 8am
368 Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer – Saturday 8am to 9am
427 O Praise ye the Lord – Saturday 11am to 12 Noon
484 – The Church’s One Foundation – Saturday 2pm to 3pm
488 Jerusalem – And did those feet – Saturday 3pm to 4pm
Grand Finale – the hymn which gains the most support – Saturday 6pm to 7pm

Hymnathon 2017 – Hour by Hour

(Hymn nos 1 to 542 – approximate timings – depending on the speed of the organists!)

Friday 12 Noon to 1pm
001 to 018

Friday 1pm to 2pm
019 to 036

Friday 2pm to 3pm
037 to 054
Sundays after Christmas
Epiphany to Lent

Friday 3pm to 4pm
055 to 072

Friday 4pm to 5pm
073 to 090

Friday 5pm to 6pm
091 to 108
Holy Week

Friday 6pm to 7pm
109 to 126

Friday 7pm to 8pm
127 to 144
Pentecost or Whitsun
Trinity Sunday

Friday 8pm to 9pm
145 to 162
Trinity to Advent

Friday 9pm to 10pm
163 to 180

Friday 10pm to 11pm
181 to 198

Friday 11pm to 12 midnight
199 to 216
(followed by Midnight Feast in St Michael & All Angels Parish Hall)

Saturday 12 midnight to 1am
217 to 234

Saturday 1am to 2am
235 to 252

Saturday 2am to 3am
253 to 270
God in Nature

Saturday 3am to 4am
271 to 288

Saturday 4am to 5am
289 to 306

Saturday 5am to 6am
307 to 324
Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage
Sickness and Healing

Saturday 6am to 7am
325 to 342
Funerals and the Departed

Saturday 7am to 8am
343 to 360

(with Breakfast, served in
St Michael & All Angels Parish Hall,
in aid of the Organ & Parish Rooms Appeal)

Saturday 8am to 9am
361 to 378

Saturday 9am to 10am
379 to 396

Saturday 10am to 11am
397 to 414

Saturday 11am to 12 Noon
415 to 432

Saturday 12 Noon to 1pm
433 to 450

Saturday 1pm to 2pm
451 to 468

Saturday 2pm to 3pm
469 to 486

Saturday 3pm to 4pm
487 to 500

(followed by Afternoon Tea, served in
St Michael & All Angels Parish Hall,
in aid of the Organ & Parish Rooms Appeal)

Saturday 4pm to 5pm
501 to 519
Liturgical Section

Saturday 5pm to 6pm
520 to 527

Saturday 6pm to 7pm
528-540 Responsorial Psalms
541 A New English Folk Mass
542 Holy Communion (Merbecke)

Grand Finale:
The Hymn that attracts the most support:
to be chosen and announced on the day.