St Michael and All Angels Church, Bedford Park

Women's Group

Women's Group  meetingMeeting dates for 2014

All meetings are on Wednesdays,
8 for 8.30pm
- bring sewing or knitting to do as we talk. Do contact the group co-ordinator, Judy Miller for further information*

July 24th: tbc

August - no meeting

September 10th - a relaxed meeting in the Raphael Room (wine and nibbles) - the subject is Reflections of Holidays - how was yours, what was wonderful, what could have been better?

October 1st - tbc

November 12th - Joanna Payne/Wolton will speak about her work as a Conservator of Works of Art on Paper - these include Prints, Drawings and Watercolours.

December 3rd: Advent Party

January 14th: tbc

February 11th: tbc

Vicky Brooke, a group member, writes:

Looking back there have been changes to this group. Having started as the ‘Mothers’ Union’, we found we had not been able to engage with the wider Mothers’ Union community or take part in any of their mostly daytime events. We also realised that for the congregation at St Michael's, despite protestations that ‘you don't have to be a mother to join’, the title ‘Mothers’ Union’ had put off a number of people from sampling what was on offer. As a result we decided to be honest about what we are – and that is a women's group - so we re-designated ourselves in late 2009.

We meet from 8 to 10pm usually on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall. All are welcome at any of our meetings, the dates of which are set out above*.

The first part of the meeting is a relaxed informal opportunity to get to know each other a little better, unlike Sunday mornings when we tend to be busy, often preoccupied and sometimes have time for only a quick ‘hello’.

Our Wednesday meetings are a chance to have a more relaxed conversation, to solicit support, to give support and encouragement, or just talk. The second part of our meeting focuses on either an invited speaker or one of us will choose a topic dear to our hearts for discussion. We try to let people know in advance what this element of the meeting will be through e-mails and the pew sheets. At some point in the evening there is a time for prayer.

For those who have not been before, we currently have about 12 regular members and – in order to dispel some popular misconceptions – we cover quite a few decades, we are not all married or mothers, nor do we spend all our time talking about babies! We’ve discussed a range of topics including ‘what Christmas means to me’, preparing for death, assisted suicide, gay marriage, forgiveness and tolerance.
If you'd like more information or would like to join us, do come along to a meeting or contact Judy Miller, the Group Co-ordinator or the Parish Office.